Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eclipse instant code coverage?

In general, I've drunk all the test-first kool-aid there is. My development is a constant cycle of write test, run test, write code, run test. Repeat until I think I'm done.

I really like code coverage tools, as they let you know if you're as done as you think you are. Are you testing that else clause or that exception case? Good stuff.

So why can't Eclipse show me which lines were covered by my *last* test run? I think that would be pretty useful, and it seems like the pieces are there to make it happen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Deal with Documents

When working up some process documentation, our group had a little bit of a revelation:

Documents exist to make a decision.

This single statement really helped us streamline what we were doing with our documentation, and our process itself. At each stage, we asked "What decision is trying to be made? What information is needed for that decision?" Everything else was junk, and we cut it out of the document.

Every time I write a document now, I ask myself that question.